Professional Fat reduction


The ReBorn Advantage

Safety First

Intelligent temperature sensors and innovative cooling system


No treatment-specific consumables
No disposables

Hands-Free Operation

No risk of practitioner fatigue as applicators are held in place via comfortable straps


Infrared energy targets fat cells while leaving other tissue unharmed

Inclusive Patient Profile

Treatments are suitable for men and women, and are safe for all skin types

Ergonomic Design

Low-profile applicators are easy to place and remain stable on a variety of treatment areas

Zero Downtime

Patients are able to return to normal activities directly after each treatment

Largest Effective Area

Applicator design ensures uniform energy distribution to deliver consistent results


Able to treat arms, abdomen, buttocks, flanks & thighs with a single set of applicators



The ReBorn treatment protocol consists of two to three pain-free, 25-minute treatment sessions, spaced four to eight weeks apart. As the body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes out the destroyed fat cells, patients begin to see results within as little as six to eight weeks after treatments, with optimal results visible after 12 weeks.

before Treatment

    • Clients should avoid exposure to sun 1 week prior to treatment.
    • Clients will consult with their practitioner regarding desired treated areas and expected treatment outcomes.
    • The practitioner will evaluate areas to be treated. Treatment areas include abdomen, flanks, back, thighs or arms.
    • Clients are required to complete treatment questionnaires and indicate use of medication, special issues, etc.
    • The practitioner will explain the procedure, expected outcomes and match client expectations.

During Treatment

    • The client will  be placed in a comfortable position based on the treatment area.
    • The treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
    • The practitioner will affix the treatment belt with treatment applicators to the treatment area.
    • Treatment time is 25 minutes, during which the client will feel a deep heat sensation internally, and a cool sensation externally. The heating sensation fluctuates throughout the treatment to maximize comfort and clinical efficacy.
    • Clients may feel a tingling sensation. If they experience discomfort that is more than mild, the practitioner should be informed.
    • During treatment the client may read, use tablet / mobile device, etc.

Post Treatment

    • The practitioner will remove applicators and examine the treated area for any immediate signs of adverse effects.
    • Clients are free to resume daily activities immediately after treatment.
    • Clients should increase hydration for first two weeks post treatment, to help flush out the destroyed fat cells.
    • It is recommended to massage the treated area twice daily for a few minutes until the next treatment. This helps accelerate flushing the destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system.
    • Clients should avoid sun exposure for 1 week after treatment.
    • Clients should notify and consult their practitioner in case of any side effects.
    • Visible improvement will appear after a single treatment, usually after 6-8 weeks. Maximum outcome is usually visible after 12 weeks.



ReBorn, the latest innovation in fat reduction, harnesses medical-grade Power LEDs which are hundreds of times more powerful than standard LEDs and have several benefits over other light source technologies.

How do Power LEDs differ from everyday LEDs?

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) has long been associated with a variety of consumer goods and applications. These older generation consumer LEDs generate light in the milliwatt range.

ReBorn’s medical-grade Power LEDs offer better electrical-to-light efficiency and reach intensities hundreds of times greater, generating infrared frequencies in the full watt range.

Why use Power LEDs instead of laser?

The typical diode laser provides focused heat by diffusing light from a single source over the treatment area – leading to a heat distribution variation of up to 60% between the applicator’s centre and periphery. In contrast, ReBorn’s proprietary Power LED design has a semi-wide (80˚) optical angle and uses multiple light sources, in fact, a 9 x 7 matrix of Power LEDs to be exact.

Flexible Power LED technology lends the manufacturer scope for more applicator designs in future, to conform to even more body parts and areas.

What is the clinical advantage of Power LEDs?

Fat reduction requires the heating of a large treatment area over an established period of time, resulting in a continuous fat cell temperature of 42˚C to 47˚ C. The 940nm infrared light is absorbed efficiently in the fat cells and poorly in melanin and the epidermis, leaving the skin intact while breaking down fat cells.

By distributing energy far more homogenously, greater clinical efficacy and consistency is achieved over the entire treatment area.

Patented Power LEDs used in ReBorn are far safer and more reliable than laser, providing over 50,000 hours of work without degradation. This claim is previously unheard of in light therapy.

From a cost perspective, this drastically reduces the traditional concern over shot counts and applicator replacement costs.


ReBorn proudly presents the most advanced professional fat reduction technology available. High end clinics in the UK, France and Italy, as well as Israel and Singapore have invested in ReBorn, recognising the advanced technology and superior clinical benefits of Power LED over laser in the fat reduction market. ReBorn is excited to extend this opportunity to Southern Africa.

The R&D and manufacturing team behind ReBorn are industry pioneers and veterans, committed to continued innovation, to improving patients’ lives and to the success of their partner service providers. ReBorn’s value proposition to clinics include top-notch technical service and support, easy communication channels, training that drills down to the detail of clinical protocols and objectives, and a focused kit of marketing assets to make your launch hassle free.


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